Vmware End User License Agreements

11.0 Intellectual property rights. All rights, titles and interests relating to intellectual property rights on and over the software as well as all copies you are allowed to make are the property of Veeam and/or its licensees and are protected by Swiss, American and other patents, copyrights, trade secrets and other international laws and treaties. These licensees are, in addition to all the other rights or remedies available to them, third parties receiving this ECJ for their respective software. This software is licensed, not sold. The purchase of the software license (indeterminate or subscription) is non-refundable and is not refundable. The software is protected by patents, and some trademarks and logos used in the software are protected by trademarks. The list of patents and trademarks is available at www.veeam.com/veeam-patents-and-registered-trademarks.html. This provision is one of the most important risks during a client`s relationship with VMWare. The customer must accurately manage all datasets related to VMware`s usage and licensing information. If a customer does not properly consider its use, VMware may try to extrapolate the data in a light unfavourable to the customer, which could significantly increase its financial harm in the event of non-compliance. In addition, non-compliance with the terms of the licence agreement may lead to involuntary termination. See VMware End User License Agreement (“EULA”), section 10.

1.0 License grant. This CLA gives the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of the software in the object code for your internal activities (not for third-party data management, unless the product you have authorized expressly allows you to do so). The software must be installed, used and provided in accordance with the license you have acquired, you will find a description of the license under www.veeam.com/licensing-policy.html (“Licensing policy”). Veeam may, at Veeam`s sole discretion, update from time to time this CAU and the Directive on Licensing and Prohibited Use at www.veeam.com 3.0. You cannot (a) process third-party data (as service providers), sell commercial hosting services to another party; sublicensing, renting or renting without purchasing the corresponding Veeam license, b) decompinating, unpacking, dismantling, renovating or modifying the software or your license file on any type of public site or forums (except to the extent that this prohibition is expressly prohibited), (c) use the Software in violation of applicable laws or regulations or (d) the software or your license file on any type of public site.

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