University Accommodation Agreement

means the letter from the university annexed to this Agreement to provide accommodation to the Resident. the room located in the residence, the type of room and the style of accommodation indicated in the letter of offer to which the resident has been assigned by the university in accordance with clause 2 or any alternative room that the university informs the resident that they have the right to use and occupy in accordance with clauses 2 and 9 (if applicable). If you decide to remove your room during the term of the license, you will have to pay the rent until the end of your accommodation contract or until you find a suitable replacement, agreed by the Housing Office and which cannot be guaranteed. These are certain legal obligations applicable to student accommodation, regardless of most leases. For example: – The property must be “suitable for human colonization” at the time of rental and throughout the lease. This means that it must meet basic standards, for example. B as regards repair, without risk of deterioration of the health or safety of the occupants ? – The owner has to make some basic repairs and is responsible for the structure and exterior of the property. ? The owner must maintain the water, gas, electrical, plumbing and heating supply facilities in good condition. ? -The tenant has the right to live peacefully in the accommodation without the owner having to intervene. ? – The tenant must take proper care of the accommodation and not damage it. ? – The tenant must indicate the name and address of the lessor as well as the address to which the messages are to be sent (for example.B. notifications requiring repairs).

? – For an insured short-term rental contract, established on 28 February 1997 or after 28 February 1997, the lessor must provide, within twenty-eight days of the tenant`s written request, basic written contractual conditions. ? – The owner must inform in writing 24 hours to enter the property. For example, to carry out repairs or visit the property with potential tenants. The rules for terminating an agreement vary and this site highlights those that are most relevant to students in residences and other university accommodations. If you are thinking of leaving your apartment, we can help. Contact us immediately to talk about your thoughts. You must complete a cancellation form for accommodation [DOC 29KB] before leaving your accommodation. If you paid a recount at the beginning of your lease or licence, it must be refunded. Codes that universities sign to say that deposits should be returned within 28 days of the end of your agreement.

You can enter into the details of your hosting contract, including the start and end date, by logging into your hosting account. Please note that submitting an application for early release does not guarantee early release of your contract. It is strongly recommended that you do not sign another accommodation contract without receiving written confirmation that you will be exempt from your lobby contract. If you don`t, you may be financially responsible for two hosting contracts. Your accommodation contract states that the tenant agrees not to assign or sublet the room without the consent of the university, to partially own it or to accept paying guests or to share ownership of the room. There is an administrative fee of ?55 to terminate your accommodation contract. In residences, you usually have to move on the day the fixed-term contract expires without having to notify your landlord. This is due to the fact that the contract between you and your landlord ends when the fixed term ends. A: All owners must comply with the evacuation protection law…

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