Unity Water Certified Agreement

(d) If, at the end of the worker`s employment, the worker is not entitled to the full annual paid leave of the worker which has already been taken under an agreement provided for in point 22.8, the employer may deduct from any sum owed to the worker in the event of termination of activity an amount which, for part of the annual leave taken in advance, , for which a right has not been invoked. , was paid. 2000, 200,000 Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. NOTE: An example of the type of agreement required in Clause 20.3 is the Agreement of Schedule F – for leave instead of overtime payment. There is no need to use the type of contract defined in the F calendar – the agreement for working time instead of overtime. An agreement within the meaning of point 20.3 may also be reached through an exchange of emails between the worker and the employer or by any other electronic means. 5.12 An agreement denounced in point 5.11 (b) will no longer come into force at the end of the notice period provided by this clause. Water management has the meaning indicated in paragraph 4.2. NOTE 1: Under section 344 of the Act, an employer cannot exert undue influence or undue pressure on a worker to make an agreement in accordance with point 22.9. (1) the switching occurs from the beginning of the next pay cycle, unless otherwise agreed. (a) Paid annual leave can only be paid on the basis of an agreement provided for in 22.9. The employer and the worker also agree that when the employee is asked at any time, the employer must pay the worker overtime covered by that agreement, but not as leave. Payment must be made at the overtime rate applicable to overtime at work and must be made during the next pay period as required.

(j) Under section 65 of the Act, a worker may apply for leave on a date or period specified in the application, or then be agreed by the employer and the worker instead of being paid for overtime worked by the worker. If the employer accepts the application, clause 20.3 applies, including the requirement for separate written agreements under point 20.3 (b) for overtime worked. b) Any agreement on double annual leave at half the salary must be recorded in writing and kept in the form of an employee register. Example: The agreement in paragraph 20.3 is entitled to 2 hours of free time for a worker who has worked 2 hours of overtime. (b) Any amount of overtime spent by a worker during a specified salary period and to be taken as a pensioner instead of being paid by the worker must be subject to a separate agreement, pursuant to clause 20.3.

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