Traduzir A Palavra Agreement

Very good post, really I will always fish a few words in the dictionary, and when I try to adjust the sentence, there are none. The Council is not free of charge. Although translation helps to understand the general context (after all, no one is born with a foreign language), there is not always all the information and nuances of a sentence. First, because each word can have several meanings at the same time. Let`s think of a very simple example: conclusion: translation can, yes, help a lot when it comes to understanding English, especially at the beginning. But don`t rely on her forever. Avoid translating everything so as not to end up with literal and insignificant sentences, but learn to really understand English ? And when it comes to the phraseal oblation, even worse. There is no automatic translator or word-for-word search in the dictionary that gives you exactly the meaning of certain expressions. How would you say in English? Point, point, point, score, sting? You need more context, don`t you? Let`s see, in this special sentence: We are happy to have helped Diego! Translation is a way to avoid this, mainly due to issues like the literal snow ? for affection and return, Francisco.

For us, it is very nice to know that we are helping you! <3 continues to learn! a very Brazilian expression that could have been in English, it would be POXA VIDA! or U?! This is what happens when Portuguese works are removed, such as Monica`s comics, known as Monica`s Gang. In addition to adapting the names of some characters, the letters exchanged from Chives (known as Jimmy Five there), from R to L, were converted to R for W, a very common exchange in English between children. . . .

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