Flat Rate Agreement

Most VoIP services are flat rate telephony services, as only broadband internet charges need to be paid for PC-to-PC calls and the calls themselves are free. Some PC-to-Phone services like SkypeOut offer plans for domestic to landline calls. The plan is common for broadband internet access in the United States and many other countries. A great advantage of the package is that both parties know in advance how much the customer pays for the contractually agreed services. This allows the provider to more accurately budget for expected revenue and allows new customers to know in advance what the services might cost. Using a flat rate agreement also requires the company to plan ahead, spend time researching and using technical project estimation tools, and working with a sense of urgency. When sending packages and documents, a “flat rate for international deliveries of the size #1” would mean that all packages of that size would be subject to the same shipping costs (e.g. B 15.00 $US), regardless of their destination (country of destination) and regardless of the quantity of their contents, i.e. they contained a sheet of paper or were completed to the maximum. Buying ads on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is sold on a flat-rate basis depending on the size (with extra images and messages) and the length of the display (video costs extra). Advertising on YouTube is offered at a flat rate of $0.30 per view.

[4] If someone is running on the YouTube homepage, search page, or wherever the ad is activated, the fee is $0.30.

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