Detox Agreement

Executive Home Detox offers discreet one-for-one coaching in detoxification and early recovery for the client who prioritizes privacy or comfort. We actually live with the client for the duration of the medical detoxification. Our goal is to leave the customer in a healthier position than we find the customer. Attention to sleep and nutrition is the key to moving the client to health. There are several contraindications for detoxification at home. This includes monitoring and supervising a client in the event of a medical detox. The Home Detox Nurse takes the client`s vital signs almost instantly. are vital signs; Tension, pulse, breathing and temperature. Vital signs are not just numbers. They tell us if the customer is stable or if the customer is moving in need. The nurse can interpret the vital parameters and intervene with appropriate medications and/or, if necessary, inform the prescribing physician. Discreet and private monitoring planning and implementation begins as negotiated. Post-care planning can be the most important part of home alcohol detoxification or home opioid detoxification.

Care planning begins very quickly after the client has contacted Executive Home Detox. Follow-up plans ideally include a comprehensive care team, including: medical care (basic care and/or psychiatry), appropriate medications, treatment, early recovery groups, and positive connections with healthy people. In addition, follow-up plans may include a sober companion or coach, a full clinic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and other treatments. 6. In addition to a digital detox to spend less time on your devices, why not consciously try to spend more time than family. It could even be shutting down your digital devices at the table. It`s especially important to set an example for your child because they learn from the behavior you`ve defined. The use, abuse and withdrawal of alcohol, opiates and benzodiazepines contribute to sleep and nutrition problems. The live nurse will assess sleep and nutrition needs during medical detoxification.

3. As a family, define the reasons why you are participating in a digital detox. Is it spending more time than family? Increase physical communication? Or is it about reducing online time? Home Detox is the medical treatment for withdrawal symptoms related to alcohol, opiates and/or benzodiazepine addiction….

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