Commercial Lease Agreement Nova Scotia

A commercial lease covers almost all types of commercial land, including: extracted before the expiry of the lease: a tenant is generally considered to have breached the lease if he moved before the expiry of the lease. If a commercial tenant wishes to evacuate the premises earlier than the tenancy agreement allows, the tenant must obtain the written agreement of the landlord or the tenant may be required to pay the rent for the duration of the lease. By law, a landlord is required to look for a new tenant, but if the landlord cannot find it or loses money because the former tenant has violated the tenancy agreement, the landlord can sue the tenant. If a tenant wishes to evacuate the premises prematurely, a lawyer should be consulted on the consequences and possible options. Periodic rent: A periodic lease agreement may consist of weeks, months or years and continues until one of the parties is the lease. The most common type is the monthly rent. A landlord can usually increase the rent and change the conditions if he informs the tenant correctly. If z.B. a tenant has a 12-month lease with automatic renewal, the lease may remain mandatory and valid after 12 months if both parties agree to an agreement. If neither party objected, the lease would simply be extended for an additional 12 months.

Automatic renewal lease: A lease agreement on the basis of an automatic renewal means that the lease is maintained under agreed terms until the landlord or tenant terminates the contract. An automatic extension allows the contract to continue under the same conditions as before, even after the end of the period. Fixed number of weeks/months/years: This type of rental indicates a rental period in the form of weeks, months or years. A tenancy agreement can last for any period on which the landlord and tenant agree. The landlord must not increase the rent or change the terms of the tenancy, unless it has been stipulated in the contract. Fixed date: This type of rental indicates the end date of the lease.

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