Tonnage Agreement

Most of the ships that pass the German flag are already registered in a German register, but have been temporarily flying the foreign flag. In such cases, the international tonnage certificate is given free of charge to the shipping company, provided it is available in BSH files. However, this is only possible if no modifications have been made to the vessel since the tonnage certificate was issued. If the ship has been rebuilt or if other information about the ship (for example. B name, call sign or home port) have been changed, a new tonnage certificate must be established. The Anglo-German naval agreement established a report in which the total tonnage of the Navy is expected to be permanently 35% of the total tonnage of the Royal Navy. [1] On July 12, 1935, he was registered in the League of Nations Treaty Series. [2] The agreement was denounced by Adolf Hitler on April 28, 1939. If the ship has been rebuilt since then, a new measure is needed. Existing tonnage certificates for the Suez and Panama canals, issued by the former flag state, remain valid and should not be reassessed until any modification has been made to the vessel or to the purpose of the ship`s premises or premises. The vessel is sufficiently identified by the IMO identification number, even though ITC 69 has been modified. The five-power treaty, signed by the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France and Italy, was the cornerstone of the navy`s disarmament program.

He asked each of the countries concerned to maintain a tonnage ratio of warships that allowed the United States and the United Kingdom 500,000 tons, Japan 300,000 tons and France and Italy 175,000 tons each. Japan preferred to attribute tonnage to a ratio of 10:10:7, while the U.S. Navy preferred a ratio of 10:10:5. The conference finally adopted the 5:5:3 ratios. Since the United States and the United Kingdom maintain sailors in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean to support their colonial territories, the highest tonnage premiums were awarded to both countries under the Treaty on the Five Powers.

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