Nasa Formulation Agreement

. . . . . . . 1.1 Significant changes to the directive in this NPR 1.2 Background 1.3 Overview of the Management Process 1.4 Acquisition 1.5 Document Structure . 3.1 Governance 3.2 Roles and Responsibilities 3.3 Technical Authority 3.4 Diverging Opinion Processing Procedures 3.5 Principles for Accommodation Requirements 3.6 Refundable Space Flight Work 3.7 Use of Metric System .

. Table 1-1 Programmatic Requirements Hierarchy Table 2-1 Project Categorization Guidelines Table 2-2 Convening Authorities for Permanent Review Board Table 2-3 State of Maturity Expected by LifeCycle of Decoupled and Bulk Coupled Programs Table 2 -4 State of maturity expected by life cycle of closely related programs Table 2-5 State of maturity expected by life cycle of individual projects and programs Table 2-6 Goals for further assessments Table 3-1 Waiver Receiving Authority for NPR 27120 .5 Table of Needs D-1 Model Program Commitment Contract Table I-1 Coupled Program Decoupled and Bulk MeilensteinProducts and Control Plans Maturrix Maturation Table I-2 Combined Program Steps Products Mature Matrix Table I-3 Matrix I-6 program-stage-stage-time product program Maturity Matrix- P.1 Objective P.2 Applicability P.3 Authority P.4 Documents and forms applicable P.5 Measurment/Verification P.6 Cancellation . . . 2.1 Programs and Projects 2.2 Program and Project Life Cycles 2.3 Program Control and Approval and Project Approval 2.4 Approval and Maintenance of Program and Project Plans, Basic Plans, and Commitments Figure 1-1 Institutional Requirements Flow Down Graphic 2-1 Programmatic Authority Organizational Hierarchy Chart 2-2 Nasa Unsym bonded and loose Coupled Life Cycle Program Figure 2-3 Closely Linked Life Cycle Graphic 2-4 NASA Project Life Program Model 2-5 NASA Life Cycle Project Figure 2-6 Example of Agreements and d `Commitments in Terms of Costs For Projects Figure D-1 Program Commitment Agreement Program Introduction Page E-1 Program Formulation Authorization Document Page 2 Page E-2 Project Design Authorization Documents Cover page F-1 Agreement formulation Page page Image Page H-1 Project Plan Page 1 Page Image Cover H-2 Standard Level 2 WBS-Elemente for Raumflugprojekte . .

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