Health And Wellness Coaching Agreement

Who is involved in the coaching relationship? It can only be a coach and a client, although lifestyle-wellness-coaching may include a team approach in collaboration with a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer or other associated health experts. This variant would be presented in a multi-party agreement. In other cases, coaches may offer group coaching or be hired by an organization that pays for coaching to employees. In this case, the name and responsibilities of the sponsor are described in the agreement and the client is exempted from the financial element of coaching to the extent agreed with the sponsor. Commitment. I understand that it is important to choose times when I can be free of distractions and focus on coaching sessions to enjoy coaching. I have brought over time and mental effort coaching with me and I am ready to commit to regular coaching. I understand that by clinging to a meeting schedule, as my coach recommended, it will allow me to make the most of my investment in coaching. I will start our coaching sessions by calling you at our scheduled time with the number you have indicated.

If you are late or unavailable, this cuts into our coaching time. To avoid this and to make sure we get the most out of our time together, be on time. Please note that I maintain a distance of 10 minutes if I cannot reach you for a scheduled call. After this period, I will consider our call as a “no show”, which will result in the loss of this session period. (2) If a client poses an imminent danger to himself or threatens a threat of violence against another person, I must take protective measures. These situations rarely occur in coaching practices, but if such a situation occurs, I will do everything in my power to discuss them with you before I do anything. Where does the coaching take place? In an office? At the customer`s? In a fitness center? On the phone? What are the unacceptable places for coaching (z.B. Coffee shops, casual street receptions)? In accepting this agreement, you accept that all the steps you take as a result of our joint work are your decisions and that you assume full responsibility for any liabilities, results, results or consequences that may result from these actions. A signed agreement serves as a roadmap that provides general instructions to move from one point to another and confirms that the coach and client explicitly intend to move in the same direction (Shebib, 2010). Contracts contribute to clients` sense of responsibility and responsibility for agreed objectives and methods.

An often overlooked value of signing an agreement is the definition of the terms of termination of the relationship. Coaching relationships are more time-limited than indeterminate. Agreements on how and when the relationship could end focus both on indicators of progress and on identifying likely points of termination or renegotiation. Be super clear about what your program/health coaching services include, so there is no miscommunication. Do you have weekly calls or twice a month? How long are they? Where do they take place? What else do you do in your program? Here`s your chance to put it all together. As we have seen many times, the client`s agenda may change over time, as indicated at the first meeting. It can become more concentrated or even more complex. For this and other reasons, agreements are not an obligation to achieve objectives within a specified time frame.

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