King Translation: The Top Translation Service Company in Thailand

King Translation (Thai translation service center) is a consortium of professional translators serving the full range of any languages-to-Thai translation needs. We have a solid service-minded team to effectively respond to your requirements. Our service includes specialized technical translation for such fields as Engineering, Law, Liberal Arts, Management, and Marketing. We serve the demands of individuals and companies large and small, both domestic and international.

รับแปล,รับแปลเอกสาร naati

We provide Thai translation servicesto both customers directly and translation agency around the world such as Australia, Sydney, New York, LA, England,, Perth, Oakland, Melbourne, Singapore, USA, London, Cambridge and many more around the world.

  • Local service fee at International quality
  • Most convenient payment via Paypal.

We provide services for any languages including Thai, English, German, Arabian, Indonesian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Korean, Malaysian and more.

? Testimonial ?

?Your service is one of the most reliable in the country?
?You are surely the best Thai translation service provider?
?I am so impressed with your service. I will surly recommend all my friends to King Translation?
?Our products are exports successfully with your translation help. Well done!?
?Great service, affordable and reliable?
?We have decided to be an official partners with you for all of our Thai related translation?
?I can hire you across the world and my job is complete overnight just when I wake up the next day. This is incredible.?
?King Translation is the most professional Thai translation company I have ever worked with. Thank you very much.?

? CONTACT Thai Translation Service King Translation?

Tel: 6681-374-8495/ 6681-640-7412
Fax: 662-746-2589 (GMT+7.00)

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