Email Changes To Microsoft Service Agreement

The Microsoft Services agreement does not apply to products and services to business customers, including Office 365 for business, educational or government customers, Azure, Yammer or Skype for Business. For security, data protection and compliance obligations, as well as Office 365 business information, please visit the Office 365 Trust Center at Subsequently, however, it acknowledged that there were reports of malicious emails using the same model. “If you`ve received an email regarding the Microsoft Services agreement update and you`re reading your email via Hotmail or, the legitimate email should have a green shield indicating that the message is from a trusted sender,” she said. “If the email doesn`t have a green sign, you can mark the email as a phishing scam.” The malicious java applet used in this attack is detected by only eight of the 42 anitivirus engines available on the VirusTotal file scanning service. The Zeus variant has an equally low detection rate. Hackers are distributing unauthorized email notifications about changes to Microsoft`s service agreement to trick people into visiting malicious sites using a recently circulated Java exploit to infect their computer with malware. Deal breaker for me. I don`t want to go to my PC one morning to find out that Office is no longer working, because a brilliant update, which was pushed on my machine, without my knowledge or my ability to control it; or that the user interface has suddenly changed to meet the cool idea of a Redmond genius about how I should use the product ? the “service.” I just received this email from Microsoft and I have decided to forward it to those who are not aware of these changes: unauthorized e-mail messages are copies of legitimate notifications sent by Microsoft to users to announce changes to the company`s service agreement that will come into effect on October 19. Microsoft recently informed users of the impending changes to the Microsoft Services agreement.

Microsoft introduces these updates to clarify conditions and ensure they remain transparent to you, as well as to cover new Microsoft products, services and features. The new changes to the Microsoft Services agreement will take effect from October 1 to October 20.20 “In most cases, your games or purchases will not be removed if the Xbox Live account is permanently blocked. All previously downloaded games, apps or features that can be used offline remain accessible to the blocked account. However, content or features that require online services cannot be used by the account. B the ability to acquire new content and, without a specific Xbox One console, which is the xbox One console, the ability to download content again via other accounts. Yes, I do. Section 4 (a) (iii) of the Microsoft Services agreement states that parents are responsible for the use of the Microsoft account, Skype account and services by their minor children, including all subscription fees and purchases. Some of our services require payment, z.B. Apps and games available through our Windows, Xbox or Office app stores, ad-free, additional OneDrive memory or a Office 365 consumer subscription.

The Microsoft family offers parents solutions to understand how their children use their devices and set limits. For more information about the Microsoft family, check out the family business table. We have updated the microsoft services agreement that governs many online services – including your Microsoft account and many online products and services for consumers such as Hotmail, SkyDrive, Bing, MSN,, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail Desktop and Windows Writer. Please read the new Microsoft Services agreement in the attached file to familiarize yourself with the changes we have made. The links look real, but I don`t think it would do much good, because it`s not like someone is going to bother reading the CT agreements ? I`

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