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Frequently Asked Questions


* Do high costs guarantee high quality translations?

* Should I take a risk with low-cost translators?

* How can Kingtranslation provide quality translations yet charge less than others?


Do high costs guarantee high quality translation?

-- Other high quality translation services are available, but they usually have to charge more because they have high operating costs and focus on large organizations. Quite a number of translation services also charge a lot because they "transfer" your job to other translation services. Their price does not reflect the quality of work because, after all, your materials are translated by someone else. Kingtranslation, however, has our own quality translators and will not accept your job if we do not have the quality resources available at the time. This eliminates unnecessary (and unproductive) transfer costs. ..Top


Should I take a risk with low-cost translators?

-- Kingtranslation pay strong attention to the quality of our work. While most low-cost translation services do not have experienced translators on hand and have to sacrifice quality, we will not let inexperienced translators touch your work. We double check every single line before delivering the finished quality product to you. .. Top


How can Kingtranslation provide quality translations yet charge less than others?

-- We do not have high operating costs. We do not have transfer costs. We love what we are doing and, lastly, we truly understand what you are looking for. .. Top


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"Thanks for your excellent service."
"Even though I don't understand Thai I'm impressed with the quality of service you provide"
"I agree that it's much cheaper than those international translation service"
"We are really satisfied with your translation. Our Japanese client understands it very well. You help us close this great deal!!"
"Thanks for the free translation. It's good to finally find a company who can translate few lines of Thai to us."

And many more compliments from our local customers.

"Just to let's you know that my research was approved by the committee last week. Thank you for your (and your team's) great work, I really appreciated your services." "Very Good. Honestly, I would say it is the best translation service we ever used. It is even better than some other places that charge us 400 - 500 baht per page"
" I received your work already and will transfer the rest of the money to you tomorrow. I wonder how you delivered such a quality job in such a short period of time. I will definitely use your service again and will tell my friends as well."
"I got the letter translation already. I truly admire your precise and excellent translation. Thank you very much...."
"Great job!
I like your wording: beautiful and straight to the point.
Thank you SO much. ^_^"

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